April Fools 2023
When April Fools came around, the team had the idea to create a video announcing a new fake product—a perfume based on White Claw flavors. Using Blender,  After Effects, and Premiere, I designed, animated, and edited that video.
Magic 8 Claw
Sometimes an idea starts as a pun, hence "Magic 8 Claw." Using Cinema 4D and After Effects, I created this Instagram Story that prompted followers to screenshot for their fortune.
Halloween 2023
For Halloween we wanted to create something spooky and product-based on a minimal budget. Using stock footage and a little bit of 3D, I got the opportunity to flex some sound design to create this Blair Witch-style video.
White Claw Wrapped
Following the release of Spotify Wrapped, the team wanted to create White Claw Wrapped, a video that recapped our most engaged followers of the year. Taking inspiration from Spotify, I designed and animated this video in White Claw's style.
Unconventional Product Renders
The name of the game on @WhiteClaw is "how can we show up in surprising and unconventional ways?" Sometimes that manifests itself as a can riding some waves, or a product-centric snow globe, created using Blender + Cinema 4D.
The Claw Saver
The team had just created the "Claw Saver," a tongue-in-cheek invention that addressed the problem of how hard it is to open a can of White Claw when you have long nails. I helped create a teaser (left) to introduce the problem, and an announcement video (right) to present the solution.
March Madness
During March Madness, the team had the idea to hold a competition on IG that asked followers to complete challenges to vote for their favorite flavor and determine the ultimate champion. I created various sports-inspired assets along the way, including an intro video, and 3 subsequent videos to announce each challenge.

More Work

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