This is the header to my website, which you might've seen on your way here. It’s an ever-growing piece, all styles go, so I’ve got a growing notes folder of ideas that my free time can’t keep up with.
Motion Design, Typography Animation
Lyric Video for death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder.
Music Video Editing, Typography Animation
Teaser video for Shell Rotella's first annual tractor beauty contest.
3D Design, Motion Graphics
Animated Banner Design for at-home health testing company LetsGetChecked.
Motion Design, Typography Animation
2020 Agency Reel for VCCP New York.
Sizzle Reel Edit
Case Study video for Find the Doc, a concept game by the Michael J Fox Foundation.
Retro Animation, Motion Graphics
Intro Animation for the Five Corners Fundraiser, held by Code Tenderloin, a San Francisco-based non-profit that helps remove barriers that keep people from securing long-term employment.
Motion Design. Created in collaboration with Jasmin Guinn.
A collection of gifs and short clips I've made over the years.
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